Unusual testing types – names you have never used!

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I am sure you have come across many different types of testing such as unit testing, functional testing, integration testing, and so on. Terminology is often created so that it becomes easier for everyone to understand what we mean. Granted, we may have different ways of interpreting what can or can not be covered in the unit testing, however, broadly, we understand what unit testing is when we talk about it.

I wonder, if one day, following types of testing would become mainstream or not, because we certainly come across these types of testing, we just haven’t given it a proper name yet! Maybe it’s about time. By the way, I did not come up with these names! This list is taken from the Internet a while back, and unfortunately, I have lost the reference. Please let me know, if you know, the source for this list and I will link.

AGGRESSION TESTING: If this doesn’t work, I’m gonna kill somebody.


CONFESSION TESTING: Okay, okay, I did program that bug.

CONGRESSIONAL TESTING: Are you now, or have you ever been a bug?

DEPRESSION TESTING: If this doesn’t work, I’m gonna kill myself.

EGRESSION TESTING: Uh-oh, a bug… I’m outta here.

DIGRESSION TESTING: Well, it should work, but let me tell you about my truck…

EXPRESSION TESTING: #@%^&*!!!, a bug!

OBSESSION TESTING: I’ll find this bug if it is the last thing that I do.

OPPRESSION TESTING: You will test this, now!

REPRESSION TESTING: It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

SUCCESSION TESTING: The system is dead. Long live the new system!

SUGGESTION TESTING: Well, it works but wouldn’t it be better if…

PRESIDENTIAL TESTING: Using the definition of testing as defined in the affidavit…

So not you have a name for what we generally go through. Can you add some more to the list? Please comment, and I will add it to the main list.

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