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Find defects to find defects quicker – I am sure most of us already know this, isn’t it? But sometimes, we do need to state and explain obvious. We do it all the time in testing – we state and explain obvious defects isn’t it? Well, we need to that because obvious is obviously not obvious to everyone šŸ™‚

Software testing is a skilled profession and like all the skilled professions, you get better at it with practice. However, there is a difference between doing day-to-day testing in theĀ job for many years and practicing consciously to get better at it.

Finding defect is one of the most interesting parts of our job. However, many times we don’t get to spend as much time on hands-on testing as we would like to. So what can we do to get better at software testing – what and where can we practice consciously? Where can we find defects to find defect quicker? Well there are many things we can do outside our day-to-day job to get better at software testing

1. Participate in weekend testing events This is probably one of the most effective ways of getting better at software testing. There are WeekendTesting and WeekNight testing chapters for Australia, India, Europe and America. Irrespective of where you are in the world, you can find something closer and convenient for you. Have a look atĀ http://WeekendTesting.com for details.Hats off to

For starting this and converting this into one of the most exciting ways to learn and get better at software testing.

2. Participate and network in local testers gathering At least in London and in many cities of India, these monthly gatherings / free conferences have become extremely popular. You get to meet many interesting folks and learn from their experience. It’s amazing how much can we learn by just sharing our testing stories with others. Tony Bruce started this in London http://www.linkedin.com/groups/London-Tester-Gathering-2656070and now there are similar gatherings in many places in theĀ UK. In India Vipul Kocher, Vipul Gupta, and Ajoy Singha have taken this concept a step further to create monthly free meet / conference in most of the cities such as Noida, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai.

3. Learning Online Participate in softwaretestingclub, LinkedIn Group, SQA forums or other online platforms or mailing lists. See what people are asking and how other folks are responding. Learn from the experience of other people. If there is only one group you can become part of, I suggest SoftwareTestingClub.com

Also If you haven’t – start using twitter and follow #softwaretesting to see what other people are saying about software testing in real time. Great for conversation, quick tips, and networking with the peers in the industry.

Well, you probably already read blogs – that’s why you are reading this but if you are not start reading. Also, there are many interesting and free publications related to software testing – such as the testing planet – http://www.thetestingplanet.com/, testing circus –http://testingcircus.com etc.

From the above list, if there is only one thing you can do – I suggest you participate in Weekend Testing sessions. They offer practical benefits by giving you anĀ opportunity to test different applications every week. Not only that, you learn a lot by observing how other people test, what’s their approach and what makes them a better tester. If you feel interested and motivated, other things will follow eventually.

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