Selenium Conference 2012 is in London – Are you coming?

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If you are involved in doing any test automation for the web application, I am sure you are either using or have considered Selenium for your test automation efforts. Well, if you have not considered, then maybe it’s time to give it a shot.

For folks who are familiar with or are using Selenium / WebDriver in any form, I hope you are aware that Selenium Conference is happening from 16’Th to 18’Th April in London.

Last year, I traveled all the way to San Francisco from London to attend the conference and presented Magic of Modular Test Automation and this year I am presenting One Step At A Time (Will publish slides after the conference). BTW, I also wrote laziest experience report of Selenium Conference 2011 to share my experience … and to summarize my last year’s experience in one word – Selenium Conf 2011 was AWESOME – it was probably one of the best conferences I have been to.

Based on my experience from last year, I have high hopes for this year’s conference. If you have not looked at the schedule, have a look at speakers section and schedule – line up is pretty impressive.

This conference gives an opportunity to learn and understand internals of the Selenium, how drivers such as Opera and Internet Explorer work (and being developed), how teams are using Selenium to improve development cycle, how Selenium is used for performance & security testing, how Groovy and PhantomJS are being used with Selenium, how teams are writing functional tests in the functional ways and using pluggable infrastructure for their test automation… and above all opportunity to meet and discuss with so many like-minded people who are all interested in Selenium and test automation.

Bottom line – If you are in (around or can travel to) London, have any interest in test automation / browsers / Web application – this is THE conference, hope to see you @ the conference.

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