Serious about software testing? – Come to CAST 2012

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I have been to many conferences related to software testing but unfortunately, could never make to CAST for various reasons. Fortunately, this year I will be in San Jose for the CAST 2012, and yes I am excited about it.

I am speaking on two topics at CAST 2012.

In the main session, I am talking about the perils of over-reliance on acceptance criteria, continuous integration, and deployment to prods. My second talk is under the emerging topic category, and I will talk about randomization in automation and how we can make automation more powerful by introducing randomization. In one session, I will talk about limitations of automation, and in another session, I will talk about how awesome test automation could be.

After the conference, I am attending full day tutorial from Karen Johnson on testing mobile applications and mobile websites. I attended Karen’s session in STP Nashville last year and looking forward to this full day tutorial.

Have a look at the CAST 2012 schedule and see which session would you like to miss? Don’t want to miss any one of them, right? Well, that’s how awesome this conference is going to be. Also, note that every session is around 75 minutes, which leaves sufficient time for all the questions / doubts / discussions participants might want to have on the topic. In my opinion, the main source of learning at any conference is the conferring and CAST make conferring essential and mandatory part of every session.

Unlike, other conferences – fun doesn’t end at 6:00 PM in CAST, in fact for many people it starts at 6:00 with TestLab and TestingGames.

In nut-shall, I am sure CAST 2012 will be awesome, and I will learn a lot by presenting, attending and conferring with thinking testers who are serious about software testing. If you haven’t registered, you can still register and join us, but if you cannot because of any reason you can still participate in CAST from anywhere in the world . Assuming you have an internet connection and are already or would like to become The Thinking Tester.

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