Software Testing Rhyme – Keep Pushing

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On Friday, I went to Brighton for the TestBash. If you have never been to TestBash before, make it a point to attend this conference next year. It’s a great event.

This event was in Brighton, and I was banking on my train ride from Clapham Junction to Brighton to prepare 99 seconds talk. Not sure whether it was the rhythm of the train or my excessive exposure to children’s rhymes (I have a three-year-old boy :-)) – I converted my software testing experience in rhyme. Hope you find it amusing 🙂

Keep Pushing

From the corner in an office, where I was sitting alone

I looked at the defects and thought, how do they born!

I started writing code, To find those tricky defects

That made devs confused, testers were scared.

It took us some time, to realise we are a team

Testing is the goal, automation is just a mean.

Dev world was changing fast, teams were becoming agile

People said testing will be dead, we felt so fragile.

Everything was changing, things were moving fast

We found ways to add value, testing is here – it is here to last.

Automation is no longer a cool thing, It is more or less a given

Make your team own it, that’s the model I follow, it is proven.

We strive for clear stories now, and make our systems testable

CI and CD are our friends now, we make our systems deployable.

Our focus is on the system now, and we keep problem in sight

best practices and scripts are gone now, exploration and context are showing light.

We are learning continuously, striving for the best

We have to keep pushing our boundaries, there is no time to rest.

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