Test Automation for CMS based application – Channel4 Case Study

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Testing and automating CMS backed applications is challenging. It is different from testing web applications. In most of the web applications – pages are well defined. Operations which can be performed on them is evident, and there are few moving parts on the page.
CMS backed applications, on the other hand, are usually dynamic. Pages in CMS backed applications are container and pages can have different data and modules every time you look at them.
Channel-4, like many media organisations, have many websites such as 4Food, 4Beauty, 4Home and so on. These websites are powered by a powerful CMS and test automation in a usual way wouldn’t have worked.

Last year I presented work I did at Channel-4 in Next Gen Testing conference by UNICOM. In this talk, I shared challenges I faced and approach I took for the automation of CMS backed web applications. If you are involved in testing web applications which are powered by content management solutions, you may find it useful.


Feel free to ask questions if something is not clear or if you have solved this problem in a different way. Happy learning 🙂

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