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London Selenium Meet-up – Beyond Check Automation

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Yesterday’s London Selenium Meetup was great and topics covered by both the speaker are very close to my heart. Both the speakers, Richard and Haroon spoke about the need to go beyond checks in test automation.

In many teams, automation is viewed as a tool to confirm checks. There is nothing wrong with this definition, however, when you look at the automation in this way, it limits the benefits you can derive from the automation.

However, when you think of automation as testing assisted by tools, you can derive much more benefits.

Both Haroon and Richard shared different ways in which they used Selenium WebDriver and other automation tools to assist their testing. Unfortunately, this talk was not recorded, but I am hoping that Richard and Haroon will post their slides on their blog/sSlideshare etc.

I am sharing some of the techniques they suggested. You may already know some of them, but if not, give them a go and take your test automation efforts beyond checks.

  • Use Proxy with your automation and analyse network traffic / check for vulnerabilities
  • Use add-ons such as Wave with firefox to get information on accessibility
  • Take screenshots even when assertion passes and goes over them quickly to check for defects.
  • Automate your data related operations to assist manual testing – set-up / clean-up / migration / sanity checks
  • Testing in prod – extend automation / CI to monitor prod environment
  • Don’t be limited by the environment, use tools at your disposal to overcome limitations.
  • Most importantly, always start with HOW AM I GOING TO TEST IT?

It was great to meet so many testers. Hope to see you again soon!

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