As we say goodbye to 2014 – Pause and think..

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If you are reading this post, you are amongst the most fortunate who are alive, who can see, who have access to food, who can read, who have access to computers and the Internet, who have an opportunity to interact with thousands of other people and who are free.

You are fortunate. You have freedom of your action and thoughts. You can make choices according to your free will.

I wrote about this topic on Linked-In yesterday. Let me know your thoughts on the same.

Now coming back to software testing. I am not testing as much software as I used to these days. I am focussing my energy on ensuring that we remain in control of our digital assets and digital legacy. I am running the operations and technology, but believe me; I am still testing a lot. I am testing tools, evaluating processes, experimenting with different ways of reporting and so on. In my opinion, testers are well equipped to run a start-up 🙂

We may not realise, but skills we learn as a tester are very relevant and useful for the start-ups. Some of the skills you may have already posses and which you will find relevant in running any start-ups are ability to –

  • Come up with a hypothesis and either proves it or invalidate it.
  • Test your hypothesis in a controlled environment.
  • Communicate with various stakeholders clearly.
  • Ensure that context is considered and everybody is aware of the context we are operating in.
  • Critically and regularly evaluate processes to ensure that they are relevant.
  • Ask relevant questions – to our partners, suppliers

If I look back, it’s strange. I had very different set of goals this time last year. I was progressing well, I went to Let’s Test , Organised four meet-ups for London Selenium Community, I learnt MongoDB and Scala, Got comfortable with Splunk and Kibana, pushed myself to write this poem for TestBash and published an article on The Testing Planet.

However, my goals and focus changed.

Right now, I feel fortunate that I can work on the problems which are close to my heart. I feel fortunate that I got the support from my personal and professional network who helped us achieve over 200% of our target in under three weeks. Sincere thanks to each and every one of you, for supporting and helping me in 2014.

As we get ready to embrace the new year, I would like to take this opportunity and wish you a happy, meaningful and courageous 2015!! May you identify your true calling and get the courage to follow it. Happy new year.

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