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Follow your passion.

These three letters are the driving force for my professional journey. When I started my journey as a software tester, it was difficult to find spirited testers. It was difficult because platforms like Twitter and Linked-in didn’t exist. As a result, I never participated in events like BugATAhon during early years of my career. However, it is great to see that things have changed.

It is much easier to find passionate testers, collaborate with them and learn from them these days. Regular events like Weekend Testing and BugATAhon have made it easier for us to network and hone our testing skills. As a tester, I have participated in many such events and have learned a lot. I have also met many interesting people and made many good friends from these events.

As a tester, I used to enjoy the intensity of hunting bugs for an unknown application. As a participant, I liked the feeling of healthy competition, opportunities to learn from fellow participants and joy of validating my knowledge / hypothesizes without any pressure. It was all good fun.

I am happy to share that I am participating at the BugATAhon and getting a bit nervous. This BugATAhon is giving me goosebumps because Planned Departure is going to be tested by over hundred testers simultaneously. This event has been going on from past three weeks and I have already received tons of good feedback / defects from the testers at Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore.

I am eagerly waiting for the 28’Th now for BugATAHon in Delhi and Mumbai. If you are around, register for this event and get your friends / colleagues in this event as well!!

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