mock server for testing

MockServer – Three reasons why you should use them for your test automation

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Fortunately, de-coupling of backend systems is more or less a norm now. Irrespective of the client you have, a desktop, mobile or a web application, there is a high probability that it talks to a backend to post or retrieve data or information you need. Restful web services and architectures based on the micro-services are […]

Testing skills

Test your testing skills at BugATAhon..

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Follow your passion. These three letters are the driving force for my professional journey. When I started my journey as a software tester, it was difficult to find spirited testers. It was difficult because platforms like Twitter and Linked-in didn’t exist. As a result, I never participated in events like BugATAhon during early years of […]

London Selenium Meetup

London Selenium Meet-up – Beyond Check Automation

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Yesterday’s London Selenium Meetup was great and topics covered by both the speaker are very close to my heart. Both the speakers, Richard and Haroon spoke about the need to go beyond checks in test automation. In many teams, automation is viewed as a tool to confirm checks. There is nothing wrong with this definition, […]

Why before what and how in the software testing

Remember WHY before WHAT and HOW

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All of us are problem solvers. We love to solve complex problems. Developing software is a complex problem. Understanding abstract requirements is a difficult problem. Getting shared understanding about these complex requirements is a difficult problem. Converting these requirements in a language which machine understands is a complicated problem. Testing software and ensuring that software meets […]


Test Automation for CMS based application – Channel4 Case Study

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Testing and automating CMS backed applications is challenging. It is different from testing web applications. In most of the web applications – pages are well defined. Operations which can be performed on them is evident, and there are few moving parts on the page. CMS backed applications, on the other hand, are usually dynamic. Pages […]